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What We Do

HR Compass Utah  helps your people management go in the right direction by providing you with quality human resource services at a fraction of the cost. 

Large Companies

Present Mandatory Training

Title VII, Harassment & Discrimination, Utah Drug Free Workplace, Safety, PPE, Employee Handbook, & more!

Third-Party Investigations

Unbiased investigator for complicated employee relations issues

Records Retention Audit

Review paperwork for your employees, including I9s

Team Building

Facilitate team-building and team collaboration training

Job Descriptions

Create and update job descriptions

Compensation Review

Small Companies

Handbook- Create or Edit

Is it time to put it all down in writing and have employees acknowledge the collective group of policies​

Stand Alone Policies​

Do you just need to address attendance or dress code? Do you want to clarify job expectations?​

Records Retention Audit

Do you want to make sure you have all of the correct paperwork for your paperwork, including I9s?

Job Descriptions

Create and update job descriptions

Salary Review

"Professional and competent!"

Chelsea, UT

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